Best Jobs During an Economic Crisis

The crisis of 2008 left many people jobless and homeless. Now, experts warn that we might be facing another financial crisis in 2018. Read all about jobs that can help you survive and thrive even when the times are hard.

Sin Industries

During a recession, people tend to seek small pleasures and luxuries, and enjoy little sins, such as a glass of wine, nice chocolate or a pack of cigarettes.

On the other hand, gambling tends to be perceived as an extravagance, and casinos generally profit when the economy is booming, but online gambling platforms with simple mobile bets, such as Colossus Sports, or lotteries, might still bring profit as people hope to turn their luck around.

Internet Freelancer Jobs

If your countrys economy is in decline and the unemployment is on the rise, you might find it very hard to find a decent job. A solution could be waiting for you at one of the many internet freelancer platforms, employing millions of people globally. Although these jobs are not always secure, they can be a very decent source of income as companies from stronger economies seek to outsource certain tasks to countries where wages are lower.

Since an increasing number of jobs can be done from home and the demand for freelancers is growing, you might even find a full-time job.

Resume Writing Service

This one is pretty straightforward. When the unemployment is high, the demand for experts on writing CVs is rising. If you are talented with words, you can make it your job to help people polish up their resumes, something you can also do from the comfort of your home.

Auto Mechanic

This is a very useful skill, as the demand for car repair services grows during a recession. People cant afford to buy a new car and want to keep their old cars running instead.

Home Rental

If your city or country receives a lot of tourists you can earn an extra income by renting your place or even just one room. You can use local and global internet platforms designed specifically for that purpose.

Virtual Assistant

During an economic recession, companies choose Virtual Assistants rather than a more expensive staff on site, and seek to outsource many functions. One of the easiest jobs for that is the job of an administrative assistant. As a virtual assistant you can provide administrative services to executives, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, or entire businesses remotely (online or on the telephone).

Tutoring Services

Tutoring is recession proof, because it is always in demand. This is especially true during crisis, when many individuals choose to go back to college, or start training for new skills to adapt to the changing job market. Especially sought after are experts for new jobs that are in high demand. Again, being a tutor doesnt require too much investment, as you can choose to give your lessons online, or at your home.

Bulk Food Sales/Discount Retailers

When economic times are harsh, many people buy food in large quantities and go to discount retailers. They buy items like sugar, flour and other staple products in bulk. Bulk food operation is a great idea for a small business during the crisis. Also, designing, producing and supplying shops with any of the cheap core goods will see an upswing.