Sports events that bring the world together

Team sports and individual sports. Sports of the common people and the one enjoyed by the elite. It goes well beyond just cheering for your favorite athlete, country, or team it gives a sense of belonging to a group, to something bigger that just ourselves.

Whenever I browse for a good US or UK online casino to play some casino games (pokers my favorite), I can see the special offers related to sports betting that are amazing due to the popularity of certain sporting events. These events are so widely recognized and adored that they transcend the local community and country, and instead make the sports fan (or, in my case, gamer) feel like a small, but integral part of the world. In other words, there are sports events that bring the whole wide world together, and we have decided to list a few of the biggest.

FIFA World Cup

The event is followed even by people who dont really like football all that much. With France winning this years FIFA World Cup, and having a huge chunk of the world sad for Croatia, the game where twenty-two people kick the ball around is not just the talk of the town its the talk of the world. In a way, it starts before it starts the preliminary matches are held one year prior to the World Cup. Losers are congratulated on their performance and sympathized with, whereas the winners are cheered on by everyone, while the world stops what its doing to see which country comes out on top.


Here we include the Winter Olympics, as well as the Paralympics. The thing is that, since olden days in ancient Greece, the Olympic Games were a festival where all differences were to be put aside for the duration of the sports festival. The most superb athletes from different tribes, and, subsequently, from all corners of the globe, come to compete in numerous disciplines. It is a matter of national pride, as well as breaking world records.

Winter Olympics contain disciplines which, for obvious reasons, cannot be observed during regular Olympic Games, like curling and bobsledding. The athletes from the Paralympics are truly the embodiment of inspiration stories, showing what it means to be handicapable, and put the able-bodied to shame with their performances.


The Golden State Warriors have claimed their 6th title, and we couldnt be happier. Remember when you would trade stickers with your favorite NBA stars? Would you believe me if I told you kids still do that? Not only kids from the US, kids from everywhere in the world, from the Philippines to Guatemala, follow closely their muscle-bound giant idols, and try to mimic their ball tricks. Heck, North Koreans like Dennis Rodman, and you know NBA is popular when it reaches way over there.

The NBA has broken record attendance yet again. There were, count them, 22,124,559 people watching the games throughout the season. American football may not be loved by all, but the National Basketball Association provides entertainment across the seas and mountains.