Countries with the Best Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a newly coined term, originating in the 1970s. It is used to describe the ratio between the time allocated for work and the other aspects of life personal hobbies, family or social events and activities. A lot of different pieces of information are key to calculating and it offers various results from the workplace to workplace, country to country.


When it comes to the work-life balance, Denmark holds the top spot as a country with the best work-balance in the world. They have always been voted as the happiest nation, perhaps the work-life balance is the key to it? Danes take pride in their welfare model. They have huge flexibility when it comes to work, often being able to decide on the start of their work day by simply working from home. They average 6.6 hours of work per day and 8.8 hours a day of leisure time.


To some peoples surprise, the second country on this list is Bahrain, a nation made by more than 30 islands in the Arabian Gulf. With average full-time working hours of 42.9, it is no surprise that Bahrain ranked this high. Studies find that 69% of people are satisfied with the work-life balance while the 72% are satisfied with the hours they work, leaving them with enough time for activities outside work.


The survey conducted ranks Norway as the third best country to live and work in. Norwegians spend an average of 42.9 hours per week working. Thats only 1.4 hours less than people working full-time jobs worldwide. Twelve percent of people working in Norway have a yearly household income of more than 150,000$ so it is no surprise that 72% of people believe they make more in Norway than they would anywhere else.

The Czech Republic

When it comes to the official working hours in the Czech Republic, the report says they have only 40 of them. Employees also receive an annual vacation of 20 working days. They wouldnt be fourth on the list if they didnt limit the overtime hours. To even work overtime. an agreement must be signed by both parties. Workers also have numerous legal measures protecting them. All companies registered with the Czech Commercial Register pay 35% of their employees salaries towards social security and insurance.

New Zealand

Even though they are ranked fifth as a country with the best work-life balance, New Zealand is considered to be the first for the quality of life. United Nations rank them thirteenth on the Human Development Index out of the 187 countries. Around 71% of migrants have lived in New Zealand for five years or more, contributing to the facts about the quality of life in New Zealand.