The Best Sports Careers for Non-Athletic People

As the years pass, athletes push themselves and their bodies further. They continuously raise the bar, so making a cut for your sports team can be difficult. In most cases, you need to have ideal body predispositions to even be considered. And sometimes, people simply dont think that the rigorous training regime is for them.

Regardless of it all, theres nothing stopping you from having a career in sports. You could even make a profit of sports from the warmth of your home by sportsbetting with FanDuel a leader in the fantasy sports betting in the US. Whether you are directly or indirectly involved, there are numerous positions where you can incorporate your love for sports with your day-to-day job.


Coaching position is one that holds the closest connection with the sport itself. Many coaches were former athletes so before all else, they serve as mentors, guiding the players with their experience. They lead their team and teach teamwork. Some recruit the scouts and some even scout for other players themselves. When it comes to coaching the youth, they are often portrayed or looked upon as second parents so their coaching skills and demeanour are of utmost importance.


What almost every sports activity requires is a referee. As a referee, your duty would be to provide fair judgement in any athletic event. With two different sides are playing against each other it is important to have a neutral party that can officiate the match. To get a position as a referee you will need a lot more than just love for the game, though. You will have to know every in and out, every rule. Some positions even require a 20/20 vision or a healthy body weight with a certain degree of athletic ability. The hardest part about being a referee though, is the hatred received after a, supposedly, the wrong call by the diehard fans.

Sports Photographer

A photojournalist or a sports photographer is exactly what the name suggests a photographer specialising in sporting events. As one, your key task would be capturing action shots that are used in articles in print or online media. If you wish to be right where the action is then this job position is for you. However, keep in mind that photojournalists work irregular hours and being present at the sporting event is a must. Some positions even require a bachelors degree or higher in photography.

Sporting Event Planer

In the modern age, before any professional sporting event begins it needs to be properly organised. As a coordinator of sporting events, you will need to plan for every aspect included in the event arranging transportation, the media, video and audio equipment, the security, schedules.

They act as a liaison between the team or an athlete and the event facility, negotiating the costs of everything and making sure everything functions properly. A degree in hospitality management is required to get you started.