Welcome to Sheffieldagainstwar, a blog dedicated to honoring the history of anti-war protests, opposing the UK war agenda and advocating non-interventionism, as well as sending the anti-war message across.
Our main aim is to raise awareness and warn against the ever-increasing threat to individual liberty and basic human rights posed by the increasing number of armed conflicts in the world and the global security crisis.
This website should be a sounding board of interest to all who are concerned about the UK foreign policy and its implications, as well as to all those who care about global peace and human rights and want to become engaged in order to build and protect the world without violence: world where human rights are respected, basic needs are met and people feel safe and valued in their communities.
These are the convictions that inform our activism and inspire us.
We take seriously our journalistic mission: to report on wars and the misery they cause globally. We also spread word about peace movements and anti-war campaigns across the globe.
People do not support wars, politicians do. Yet it is regular folks who are suffering most. Let us voice our opposition to wars and injustice together and confront the appetite for destruction that causes death and suffering of countless innocent people. We can be the change!